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NZD/JPY Forex Swing Trading

August 17, 2020Category : Market Analysis
NZD/JPY Forex Swing Trading

📍Hello all traders – Forex Swing Trading

💲NZD/JPY Setup / Analysis
📋 Educational
🗒 Just browsing through my analysis means a lot to me.

➡️ Please follow the analysis very carefully and every detail of the chart means a lot. And always entry depends on many reasons carefully studied
Always enter into deals when there are more than 5 reasons

〽️Key Technical / Reason’s Short idea

🔰66.500 Target Reversal

Reversal Gap Support
Reversal Trend Formation
Reversal 0 Level
Reversal Mid line for Major Down Channel
Year low + Value Area

🔰Entry Point 70.250

Day low Break / week low
Poc Break
Majour Turn level Break Out
Head & Shoulder Break Out
Triangle Pattern Break
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